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Specialized training on sustainable business modelling: bridging science to farmers, industry, and market

20 21 03 2023 courseThe Content of the Course

SOILdarity organises an intensive training course made up of a series of modules in the field of sustainable business modelling in order to bridge the gap between academia and market and provide researchers with a set of basic tools to improve the capacity to disseminate to farmer’s organization, advisors and innovation brokers, as well as to industrial sectors and actors.

The objectives

MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute and one of the research partners in SOILdarity – has set up a programme revolving around the concept of cost/benefit analysis, leading to the creation of business models. The course will:

  • Seek to to provide tools for engaging farmers and related agro-industry organisations and increase the proficiency in agro-economics and sustainable business;
  • fit to Mediterranean specificities as well as water and soil management, and accountability;
  • generate knowledge in key areas (technical, social, financial and political) and will drive forward essential agriculture issues and acceptance of innovative methods.

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